Meet the Team


Yusuf Hussein

CEO and Founder

Yusuf Hussein Ahmed is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of DOCOL Group since 1987. He is the brilliant mind behind the success of DOCOL. He built it from the ground up with the intention of imparting his knowledge for business and dedication to uplift the lives of the community around it.


Ali Ahmed

Deputy CEO

Ali Ahmed Dhadhaow is the Deputy CEO of DOCOL Construction, Rehabilitation and Trading, one of Africa’s leading and fastest growing Program & Facility Support Company. He was raised in Norway and he’s now bringing his expertise and knowledge back to Africa.               


Allan Akoragye

Chief of Logistics

Allan is the strong component that holds the company together. He has been with DOCOL GROUP for almost 4 years now and his insights and people management are the reason behind the success of DOCOL’s Logistic and Material Management Business.                          

anita hr

Anita Lewis

Regional Director

Anita has been working with DOCOL since the year 2017. Anita manages the operations in BLD including the Workforce Solutions for the Group and provides guidance with administrative and Operational Workflows as required.                                                                                                                                 


Azeem Khan

Finance Director

Azeem Khan is an MBA Finance having more than 19 years of professional work experience. He is responsible for financial management of the company. Since joining in 2018 he has played a significant role in acquisitions. 


abukar suit

Abukar Ali

General Manager

Abukar Ali Joined DOCOL as General Manager for Niger operations in 2019. In this role Mr. Ali, is responsible, overall Niger Operations, client relations and DOCOL’s business development and expansion strategy                                                                                                                     


Abdirahim Abukar

Procurement and Logistics

Abdi has started working with DOCOL Group since 2010 and has been a great his asset ever since. He studied in King Abdulaziz Universityand currently enjoys role as head of procurement and logistics in our Dubai Headquarters.                                                                                                                                                                                                                  


Jacqueline Maina

Bid/Tender Coordinator

Jacky’s added value is her expertise in preparation of winning bid, whilst taking ownership of the end-to-end bid process. Typically, responsible for managing an opportunity from qualification through to contract award.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     


Pearl Cacas

Administrator Officer

Pearl spearheads and manages the Mogadishu site of Docol Group. She handles the ever-growing camp across different sites, accommodation and warehouse in Mogadishu. She also represents the company for executive and corporate communications.                                                                                                                                                                                                           


Thasneem Amath

Human Relations

With a strong background of 27 years experience in working within the office management duties, Thasneem has build up the expertise to run the HR requirements of a complex company such as DOCOL Group.



Rose Namale

Structural Engineer

Mrs. Namale has been with DOCOL Group spearheading all of the OHP Projects. Her expertise is on steel infra-structures, Projects and site management and documen-tations. She earned the respect of everyone she works with due to her professionalism and intelligence.


Sylvia Kareri


Being with DOCOL Group for more than 2 years now, Sylvia has aided the companies growth as an Admin and Liaison Officer. Her ability to interact to all nationalities and manages to reports to clients is one of her many contributions to the company’s success.