Company History


Docol’s Assets And Services Enable And Empower Missions And Programs In Africa And Beyond And Mitigate Operational And Security Risks.
Today We Are The Partner Of Choice For International Organizations Establishing, Operating, Or Expanding Africa

Our Resources Bring Advantages And Value To Customers Supporting Many Of The Continent’s Most Demanding Programs And Objectives.

We Create Solutions That Allow Critical Aid To Reach Where Its Needed No Matter How Remote Or Dangerous, They Connect Communities, Permit Development And Rehabilitation, Protect Assets And People, Support Ambition, And Sustain Populations.

We Invest Extensively And First Into Advanced Infrastructure, New Technologies, And State-Of-The-Art Solutions, Gaining A Competitive And Operational Edge For Our Customers Whilst Creating Opportunities And Progressing Skill-Development Within Our Communities.

Our Group’s Diverse Operations Are Unified And Strengthed Through Collective Purpose, Common Management, And Pooled Resources. We Operate Certified Occupational Health And Safety, Environmental, Facility Management, And Sustainable Procurement Management Systems Across Our Relevant Business Units, And Iso 9001-2015 Certified Quality Management Systems Group-Wide.

We Commit Every Day To Make A Difference To The Missions Of Our Partners, And One Of The Ways We Do This Is By Calling On The Creative Thinkers From Within Our Industry And Company And Developing Innovations That Transform The Quality Of The Service Delivered To Our Customers.

Our Seasoned Teams Of Senior Communications And Administration Coordination Deliver Reporting To Customer Needs, Whilst Tracking Program Performance And Schedule Our Communication Department Operates 24 Hours Per Day,365 Days Per Year, Enabling Immediate Awareness And Support On Demand For Any Live Or Historic Program.

Why choose us

How we tackle the challenge


It starts with a simple meeting you can contact us by phone & email



We discuess your goals and expectations. We will show you templates from completed and ongoing projects.



Our team of experts will put those ideas on paper with quotations and time frames



We provide you with all the assets and workforce and construction experts to make those ideas come to life.



Our Expertise

We are the largest employer in Somalia We also pride ourselves employing international staff and hire women in executive positions. We believe by having a diverse working enviorement we will get achieve higher goals due to an international Experience.

Assets & Leasing Management

We design tailored lease solutions that meet customers’ program goals.

Material Management

We offer flexible procurement, logistics and warehousing solutions

Construction Engineering

supporting customers with 30 years of experience and partnerships

WorkForce Solutions

Hundreds of DOCOL personnel cleared and deployed at facilities all around Africa

Executive Women
Repeat Clients

Skillful Team

Our Internationally trained staff will bring quality and reliability to all your projects

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